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Let Your Best Self Emerge

Empowering you with holistic wellness tools, life coaching, and personal growth teachings so you can experience optimal mind.body.spirit wellness and fall madly in love with your life.

Welcome! I am so happy you're here.

Hi, I'm Stacy!

I'm the founder of Kalila Healing Arts and am a certified life coach, certified EFT/Tapping practitioner, and Reiki master who is committed to guiding you in your healing journey so you can live a healthy, empowered life you truly love.

During the pandemic lock down, I woke up one morning with the clear knowing that it was time to share all I've learned with others. That's when the idea for Kalila Healing Arts was born and it's been quite a journey since then.

Besides all the deep learning I've been privileged to take part in, I've also been on my own healing journey for about 20 years and what I've learned along the way is that we have more power to heal and more control over creating our lives than we've ever been lead to believe. You have the power to heal and create a life you love and I'm honored to be a part of your journey.

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